Rene presented a new video `Fly`

Rene presented a new video `Fly`The other day in the trendy Metropolitan bar Rosso&Bianco pop-soul singer Rene had arranged a party on the occasion of the presentation of the video for the title track of the debut album "Fly". During the evening was presented xclusif show artist, and also featured sets from the best DJs of Moscow."Video "Fly" just amazing, it makes you live, " the singer says Music Hayk. Music, picture, image Rene - all done at a very high level. I am very pleased that we can compete with the West!". . . Читать полностью -->

Nino Katamadze &

Insight from the beginning worked on the verge. The discs are Black" and "White", released in 2006, recorded their unique position is exactly in the middle between world music, but rather Georgian folk music and black music - Blues, jazz, funk.In 2008, the group turned to aquamarine. The album "Blue" was recorded when Nino hatched son. To the sound of her band Insight added warm orchestral colors. In this album the world, desires to reconcile all with all, to create an environment in which new life would be safe and comfortable, more than anything else.The album "Red" was created when it became clear that there is no peace, can only dream about it. This song is on the verge of human and inhuman.Nino says that red is the color of the sun and the color of shame. Читать полностью -->

Robert Pattinson and Stewart have become the most coveted pair

Robert Pattinson and Stewart have become the most coveted pairHeroes twilight Saga Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are at the peak of popularity. This is evidenced by statistics Google: information about these actors interested in a huge number of people.Daily news about the vampires and their heroes are looking for millions of users world wide web. Lovers, who in December of this year is going to legalize their relationship, surpassed even the most famous and beautiful couple of Hollywood angelina Jolie and Brad pitt. Despite the fact that Jolie is one of the main newsmakers of Hollywood, the pair of them were only in second place.By the way just recently, she again got jealous of her common law husband to Jennifer aniston. The reason for the scandal was an innocent phone call: Brad called best friend aniston, actress Courteney Cox. In third place was the equally famous wife Katie Holmes and Tom cruise. Читать полностью -->

Pete Doherty terribly fat

Pete Doherty terribly fatRocker Pete Doherty, known for her impeccable sense of style and crazy parties, paid for a dissolute way of life with their appearance.Last night at the launch of his new jewelry store infamous rocker struck all present an unusual appearance.31-year-old singer, always famous for its painful thinness, got fat and obryuzg. And from the feeling of ex boyfriend style famous top model Kate moss is not a trace remained. Doherty was dressed in the usual cream-colored jumper, black trousers and brown suede jacket.Probably similar to the appearance of the rocker brought endless courses of treatment for drug addiction. For the first time Doherty passed a rehabilitation course in 2007, and for the last time recently.Last night the singer has opened in London's new jewelry store. The collection includes necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks and rings. On its collections Doherty worked together with a former jewelry designer Cartier Hannah Martin. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears hard `injected`

Britney Spears hard `injected`Britney Spears looks very tired after leaving a dance class in Hollywood. Singer fulfills movement for their new video for the song Hold It Against Me. With her work as chief choreographer of the show X Factor's Brian Friedman.Melody in the style of dubstep sounds quite attractive, and as the voice of the Spears.And, judging by the hole in her tights, the singer is so passionate about the process of creativity that just doesn't see that kind of nonsense.As for her new single Hold It Against Me, miss Spears twisted in Twitter my appreciation for everyone who officially bought the audio of this song:"Seriously - you are my best fans. I love you all very much! Everything I do, this is for you! XOXO Brit". By the way, recently there were reports that Spears is planning to speak at the presentation of the Grammy awards on February 13. But a spokesman for the singer denies this.Oh, I almost forgot! Miley Cyrus has already expressed his delight about the new songs Britney. Читать полностью -->

State Mandrykin raises concerns

State Mandrykin raises concernsEx-goalkeeper of Russian national team on football] Benjamin caught the tenth of November 2010 in a serious road accident in Bryansk, is still in intensive care in the Metropolitan research Institute of neurosurgery named Burdenko.A player remains difficult and raises concerns of physicians.Speakers on loan in Bryansk Dynamo goalkeeper, whose rights belong to CSKA Moscow, already 2.5 months in hospital after the accident, and his condition remains serious but stable. "He is in intensive care on a ventilator, his condition was grave, without dynamics", - quotes the source in the Institute of neurosurgery named Burdenko RIA Novosti.We will remind that road accident with participation of the goalkeeper has occurred in Bryansk the night of the tenth of November. According to regional traffic police, on the street Karajishi in the Soviet district of the city] on the Porsche Cayenne car, going at a speed of about two hundred kilometers per hour from the police, lost control and crashed into a tree. As a result of road accident the driver was seriously injured in the cervical spine with spinal cord injury and was hospitalized in the city hospital N1. Two days later, Mandrykin was transferred to Institute of a name of Burdenko.No luck and two companions football - girls 1991 and 1992 years of birth. One of them sustained a fracture of the thoracic spine, the other bruises and a broken collarbone. Читать полностью -->

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